How to Deal when Your Car Breaks Down


Breaking down of the car is a common phenomenon that happens to anyone and any car can break down regardless of its age. Mostly, cars like many other machines are prone to breaking down when they are not well maintained. Breaking down is something that has occurred to each and every driver and it might turn to be a nasty experience especially when one is not equipped with the right measures of overcoming it. Most people do not have membership of any out clubs which offer recovery services in case of breakdowns.

Prevention is usually better than cure and therefore one must be well equipped with these preventive measures especially when they have to handle the breakdowns themselves. One must be equipped with all the necessary tools to recover. First safety measure a driver must practice is to pull safely to the side of the road and when one is not in a position to do so due to the kind of breakdown experienced, some road lifesaver sighs should be place on both sides of the road at a good distance to warn the on-coming traffic. The most appropriate tools to use here ought to be the reflecting triangles place on each side of the road approximately fifty feet away. These are usually gadgets that are fitted in all cars.

The cell phones should come in handy especially where one is not in a position to do the repair or the car has broken down in unsafe locations, they must call a recovery team or a service station who can tow the car to a safe area for the repairs or to a garage in case of major repairs.
The flash light should also come in handy especially when one is driving at night. The hazard of the car comes in handy especially at night to notify the oncoming traffic.

Enter and exit the car using the door that is on the furthest way from the traffic to avoid further damages or injuries. The passengers should move away from the car to a safer position so as they await repairs or the recovery team to arrive

If one is not in a position to call a recovery company to tow the car, they should alert the police or seek a ride or other cars to tow them to a garage or a safer place such as the next town especially during the night. It is natural to worry about the car but one should seek personal or passenger’s safety first. Priorities need to be set straight since the life of a person cannot be replaces but the car can.

In case of a breakdown, avoid panicking since this will only worsen the situation. If on unfamiliar grounds, contact the police for guidance or assistance as opposed to strangers. It is important to have an auto club since they are well networked and can be able to offer their services regardless of the distance or place. Breaking down is a common phenomenon and the only thing that needs to be done is to stay safe and calm when it happens.

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