Top Benefits of Car Covers


Do you really need a car cover? You might assume that you don’t if you wash your vehicle regularly and keep it under some sort of structure. However, there are actually several key benefits of car covers and here are some of the main ones:

1. Dust/Dirt

It’s easy to dismiss the effects of dirt and dust on your vehicle. In particular, many automobile owners just dismiss them as making their vehicle as little dirty. So it might seem like it’s enough just to give your vehicle a car wash now and then.

However, the situation is a little more complex than that. That’s because the dirt/dust can actually trap moisture underneath the dust and dirt. That, in turn, can produce rust, which is a situation you’ll want to avoid as it can be quite expensive to deal with.

A somewhat surprising effect of dust/dirt on your car or truck is that they’re also abrasive. So they can both cause your car to get scratched up. That can make your vehicle’s exterior to look duller, which can destroy the car/truck finish. You can avoid that result by simply using a car cover. It will help to keep off dust and dirt and prevent the various problems they can cause.

2. Ultra Violet Rays

Just like eyeglasses for eyes, it’s important to protect your car or truck from UV rays. That includes UVA and UVB rays in particular. In fact, you might be surprised by how much damage the sun’s rays can do to your vehicle.

There are many possible effects. For example, the paint can start fading when the UV rays hit the car exterior. That’s likely a situation you’ll want to avoid the costs of repainting your vehicle can be quite high. It’s especially true if you add an expensive paint to your vehicle or your vehicle has a big surface area like an SUV. In those types of situation, you’ll certainly want to minimize how often you have to repaint your car/truck.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that UV rays can also damage your car/truck interior. That includes issues like the shininess of the upholstery and dashboard. Like the cost of repainting your car the cost of detailing the vehicle can also be quite high. You can avoid the cost and trouble caused by UV rays by simply adding a car cover.

3. Trees/Plants

Trees and plants, in general, can provide many benefits to humans including a source of oxygen and wood. However, if your car is parked under a tree it can actually cause a lot of issues for you. At first, it might seem like a great situation since you have a free car cover.

However, there are all sorts of problems that a nearby tree or plant can cause. For example, there are issues like bird droppings, hairballs, pollen, etc. The problem is that in many cases it’s not practical to move your vehicle and you probably won’t want to remove the entire tree. A good solution is a car cover. It will help to deal with those types of issues so you just have to clean the cover instead of your vehicle.

4. Scratches/Abrasions

There are various situations that can threaten your vehicle’s exterior as a result of scratches and abrasions. That includes different factors like your neighbor’s car or kids’ toys. In fact, these situations can cause many cringe-worth moments and cause a lot of stress when you cross your fingers and hope your vehicle’s exterior won’t be damaged.

One of the best ways to help prevent various scratches and abrasions is to use a quality car cover. It’s a small investment in terms of the protection it provides your car/truck from scratches/abrasions. Keep in mind that it won’t provide a 100% guarantee that your car won’t ever be scratched. However, it can certainly lower the likelihood that will happen.

5. Wind/Sand/Rain

Earth’s environment provides many important resources for humans but it can also cause some problems in terms of your cr. For example, even a light wind can cause all sorts of stuff to brush against your vehicle and cause scratches. If you live in a desert area then sand could be a constant problem you have to deal with. Even residue that’s left after rain can threaten your vehicle’s finish.


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