Best Tires for Nissan Altima

If you’re looking for the best tires for Nissan Altima, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to choosing tires for your Altima, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, what type of driving do you do most often? If you drive in mostly city streets and don’t do a lot of highway driving, you’ll want a set of tires that are good for stopping and turning. A set of all-season tires is a good option for this type of driving. If you drive on the highway more often, you’ll want a set of tires that are better suited for high speeds. A set of performance tires can provide better traction and handling at higher speeds. We’ll help you choose the right set of tires for your car and driving needs.

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Top 6 Best Tires for Nissan Altima: Review and Suggestion

1) Starfire Solarus AS All-Season Tire:

This Starfire Solarus AS all-season touring tire is perfect for consumers looking for plenty of miles, good traction, and fuel economy. The advanced all-season tread design provides all-season traction in wet, dry, and winter conditions while giving you plenty of miles. The tread is computer-designed to reduce noise to provide a quiet-running tire at highway speeds. The tire’s M+S rated (mud and snow) makes it an ideal choice for consumers in colder climates. The tire’s 50,000-mile warranty guarantees that you’ll be able to enjoy this tire for a long time. The Solarus AS tire has been designed to be as useful as feasible in order to provide all-season performance. It is ideal for users who are searching for a tire and has a lot of performance and durability. Everything you could possibly desire in a tire is contained inside it, including fantastic mileage, outstanding traction, and exceptional fuel economy for SUV and vehicle drivers. Because of the practicality and intricate design of this tire, you will be able to enjoy an entirely different level of driving enjoyment. Its sipes, tread profile and compound all work together to maximize efficiency in a variety of weather situations. As a result, this tire is constructed with materials that are at the forefront of their industries and provide exceptional quality.

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Pros –

  • It ensures a smooth and quiet driving experience.
  • This vehicle is adaptable and can function in any road situation.
  • It provides excellent value for the money.

Cons –

  • This is not the quietest tire model.

When you consider the low price of the Starfire Solarus AS All-Season Radial Tire and the great quality and performance of this tire type, you can’t go wrong. Overall, we highly recommend this tire for all-season use.

2) Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus All-Season Radial Tire

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires are the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and safety. Designed for today’s active drivers, these all-season tires feature a unique tread pattern that delivers excellent water evacuation, enhanced traction in wet conditions, and long wear life. The advanced design of this tire is also engineered to provide you with a more comfortable drive by reducing noise levels and improving ride quality. Choose Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires for your next set of wheels and experience the difference.

The Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tire is a perfect option for consumers looking for an all-around excellent performing tire. It has superior water evacuation, which is essential in wet conditions; this means that your stopping distance will be significantly shortened. In addition, the tread design of this tire is unique and helps to provide an extended wear life and traction in wet conditions. Comfort was also taken into account when designing this tire; it will help to reduce noise levels and improve the ride quality of your car. Finally, this tire is also made with safety in mind.

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Pros –

  • Excellent handling and reactivity.
  • High levels of grip and traction are achieved.
  • Superior traction and braking performance in rainy conditions.
  • Excellent treadwear guarantee of up to 70,000 km.

Cons –

  • There is insufficient traction in light snow.

The Pirelli is also exceptionally smooth and comfy, which is more than we anticipated from a tire that performs well in the corners. The fact that the Cinturato P7 All Season Plus comes with a 70,000-mile treadwear guarantee simply adds to the long list of advantages it offers.

3) Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Touring Radial Tire

For your Altima, the Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Touring Radial Tire – 180/55ZR-17 (73W) is a tire that offers adaptability as well as long-lasting performance. It delivers excellent traction in wet conditions, especially when braking rapidly. This tire is also equipped with a revolutionary architecture that delivers superior performance while providing you with the traction needed to handle heavy loads. This tire is a premium touring tire that gives a smooth, comfortable ride and long tread life. This tire offers stability and grip in all weather conditions. It has an aspect ratio of 55 which means it will fit on rims with an inner diameter of 17 inches. The load index rating for this tire is 73, which means it can support up to 805 pounds at a maximum inflation pressure of 44 psi. The Michelin Pilot Road tire is equipped with a revolutionary architecture that offers excellent performance and stability in wet conditions. This tire is designed to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride with extended tread life.

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Pros –

  • Performance in rainy conditions is exceptional.
  • It has the longest tread life of any product in its class.
  • Even in difficult situations, you can count on a reliable grip.

Cons –

  • May wear prematurely if used for racing.

The Pilot Road 4 GT is a highly versatile tire that can be used for a variety of applications, including touring, commuting, and light off-roading. It has superior performance in wet conditions and provides stability when braking. This tire also offers a smooth, comfortable ride with an extended tread life. The only downside to this product is that it may wear prematurely if used for racing purposes.

4) Hankook Optimo H426 3/4 Groove Radial Tire

The Hankook Optimo H426 3/4 Groove Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91S is a tire that has been specially designed for passenger cars, crossovers, and SUVs. It has excellent resistance to hydroplaning on wet roads, with a maximum speed of 149 miles per hour. The tread design allows the tire to have good traction in all driving conditions, even during extreme weather conditions such as rain or snow. It also has low rolling resistance, which will help improve your car’s fuel economy. This tire is made with a silica compound that helps to provide excellent traction in wet weather conditions. The tread design allows the tire to have good traction in all driving conditions, even during extreme weather conditions such as rain or snow. The presence of four circumferential grooves and lateral curving grooves helps improve traction and handling in wet conditions. Also included in the construction of this tire is the way to modify steering in light snow. Two metal belts with nylon reinforcement are located inside the tire, which aids in the tire’s overall longevity. The use of a polyester wire-body improves riding comfort. This model is backed by a 60,000-mile tread warranty from Hankook Tire.

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Pros –

  • Handling and grip are excellent in dry conditions.
  • These tires are reasonably priced.

Cons –

  • Many drivers complain about the noise made by their tires.

The Optimo H426 has outstanding dry grip and handling, and its pricing is cheaper than that of many other equivalent tires in this class of vehicle. In addition, there is a 60K miles tread warranty. That said, some drivers find the noise made by these tires to be too loud.

5) Toyo Tires EXTENSA HPII All-Season Radial Tire

Toyo Tires EXTENSA comes with either single or double-cut tapers, which improve braking performance while also maximizing the rubber’s block stiffness and durability. Furthermore, it is equipped with full deep multi-wave sipes, which provide enhanced gripping and stability on dripping wet surfaces. When the tire is manufactured, it uses a specific silica composition that provides excellent dry traction while maintaining sticking on wet and slippery roads. On dry roads, the Toyo Extensa HP II delivers outstanding performance. When you install the Toyo Extensa HP II tire in your car, you will notice an immediate increase in driving, steering, and braking. The Toyo Extensa HP II’s unidirectional treads have been designed to remove water from the contact patch as efficiently as possible. In turn, this allows the tire to provide a stable and grounded sensation even while rolling over slick or slippery roads. In fact, this performs better in wet conditions than it does on dry roads.

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Pros –

  • The tread design is just stunning.
  • This tire provides excellent all-season traction.
  • The trip is entirely silent.

Cons –

  • On snow and ice, this is not a good choice.

The Toyo Extensa HP II is a cost-effective option to more costly performance tires as long as you stay on the paved roads. However, when it comes to dry traction, this tire comes up short in applications such as racing, track days, and modified vehicles when it comes to dry traction.

6) Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 All-Season Radial Tire 

Continental’s Extreme Contact DWS06 is an ultra-high performance, all-season tire that is perfect for drivers who need year-round traction. The DWS is designed for high-performance coupes, sedans, sport trucks, and other sports vehicles, and it is developed to provide the year-round, all-season performance of the vehicle that you can rely on no matter the weather conditions. DWS is an abbreviation for Dry, Wet, and Snow has provided each of these areas extra attention with the most up-to-date tire technology available today. Continental has made it easier to determine how much tread is left on a tire or how well it will perform by embedding specific Customized Performance Indications in the tread of its tires. When the tire is brand new, the letters “DWS” are imprinted into the second ribs on the outer shoulder, which is clearly visible. Even as the tire wears down, users will no longer be able to see the “S,” which indicates that the tire has lacked enough performance to be used in snowy conditions. When the “W” on the tire begins to fade, it indicates that the tire has missed its excellent wet road performance. It provides drivers with an immediate indication of what to expect from their tires when the tread begins to wear down.

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Pros –

  • The ride comfort provided by this tire is among the finest in its class.
  • This tire provides a very quiet ride with minimal to no road noise.
  • It has an above-average tread life, and the tire guarantee is excellent.

Cons –

  • A weaker sidewall may be a problem for those aiming for great performance.

The Continental DWS is a high-performance all-season tire that ranks towards the top of the industry’s performance rankings. There are very few tires inside this class that can compete with this model. However, whenever the environment and roadway conditions turn sour, you can rely on the tire to keep you safe and comfortable on the road.

Best Tires for Nissan Altima

Final Thought:

When you are looking for a new set of tires for your Nissan Altima, it is important to research and find the best option for your needs. All of the tires that we have listed are great options, but it is ultimately up to you to decide which one is the best fit for your car. When shopping for a new set of tires, be sure to consider the Continental Extreme Contact DWS06, Hankook Optimo H426, Toyo Tires EXTENSA HPII, or Pirelli P Zero Nero All-Season. These are some of the best performing and most affordable tires on the market.

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