Best Tires For Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf is a hatchback electric car manufactured by Nissan. It was introduced in 2010 and became the world’s best-selling highway-capable all-electric car in 2012 and 2013. When choosing tires for your Nissan Leaf, it is important to consider both performance and efficiency. The best tires for Nissan Leaf should offer good grip and handling while also low rolling resistance. There are different types of tires available in the market, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose the right type of tire for your Nissan Leaf to get the most out of it.

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Top 6 Best Tires for Nissan LEAF: Reviews

Here’s our list of the best tires for the Nissan Leaf that are made to suit all of the following tire sizes:

1) Milestar MS932 Sport All-Season Radial Tire

All-season traction is provided by the Milestar MS932 Sport tire, as is improved steering and cornering grip, while the tire provides a pleasant ride. Rounded shoulders provide enhanced dry pavement grip with bigger tread blocks, increasing cornering power. This tire has received positive feedback from many drivers, who have noted that it handles well on the road, especially for a tire of this price range. This model’s wide circumferential grooves and additional sipes are surrounding the tread help dislodge water from beneath the tire and lessen the chance of hydroplaning on wet roads, which is one of its advantages. Light snow provides average traction, but this type was not intended for heavy snow or ice conditions.

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Pros –

  • Excellent traction and handling in both conditions.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Hydroplaning is minimized.

Cons –

  • For some drivers, noise has been a source of contention.

The Milestar MS932 Sport All-Season Radial Tire is a great choice for drivers who want a tire to handle any weather condition. The MS932 Sport has an all-season tread design and the ability to adapt to any road surface. This tire is designed to work with your vehicle’s suspension system, providing a comfortable ride while maintaining good control.

2) Fullway HP108 All-Season Performance Radial Tire

Even though the tire was designed for SUVs, it may be used on any passenger car. The tire provides the necessary stability for a safe and enjoyable driving experience. Due to its strong and tight traction on any surface may be used on both dry and rainy roads without losing its traction. The tread surface of the tire improves the responsiveness of the steering, which means you may operate the vehicle on any highway without the danger of hitting something. Additionally, the tire is equipped with an ideal tire structure that helps to stabilize the tire against driving pressure, allowing you to enjoy the smoothest steering performance possible.

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Pros –

  • It offers excellent traction and a firm grip.
  • The design of the tread is excellent.
  • Durable.
  • When driving, it helps to reduce vibration.

Cons –

  • It comes at a high price.

A performance all-season tire, the Fullway HP108 is a new generation of radial tires, a performance all-season tire. The design and manufacturing techniques used to create this tire are innovative and high-end, making it possible for the HP108 to provide a comfortable ride with superior grip in all weather conditions.

3) Kumho Ecsta AST KU25 All-Season Tire

A high-performance all-season tire from Kumho, the Ecsta AST is another model in the company’s inventory that offers exceptional performance and excellent ride comfort. The all-season tire compound incorporates sophisticated carbon black into a directed tread pattern to provide year-round performance and handling. The tire’s bigger shoulder blocks provide better dry-surface grip, while a central rib improves steering responsiveness and stability while increasing overall performance. A cross-groove design and multi-sipe design help to improve hydroplane resistance when driving on wet surfaces. The sidewall of the Kumho has also been modified to include a rim guard to minimize damage to pricey custom wheels.

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Pros –

  • Excellent cornering grip as well as dry surface traction.
  • Excellent comfort during the voyage.
  • Tires at a low cost.

Cons –

  • They become louder as they age.
  • Traction on snow and ice might be improved.

The Kumho Ecsta AST KU25 All-Season Tire is a great choice for drivers who need a reliable tire that can handle a variety of road conditions. This tire is designed for use in all weather conditions, and it has a load capacity of 1356 pounds. The tread depth on the Kumho Ecsta AST KU25 is 10/ 32nds, and it comes with a load index rating of 91.0.

4) Goodyear Assurance All-Season Radial Tire

The combination of a symmetric tread design and an all-season tire compound from Goodyear ensures excellent year-round grip. When it comes to the dry and wet pavement surfaces, the bigger individual shoulder blocks are designed to deliver responsive handling. In addition to the four circumferential grooves, numerous biting edges are employed to offer increased grip on snow and ice. In these situations, the additional sipes also help to improve grip and traction, although they do not perform as well as rivals. For the first time, the tread pattern has been specifically developed to reduce road noise while providing drivers with an exceptionally smooth ride.

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Pros –

  • Excellent traction and handling in the dry.
  • Smoother riding with less road noise.
  • These tires provide maximum comfort.

Cons –

  • The tread life is not as long as hoped.

The Goodyear Assurance All-Season Radial Tire is a reliable and affordable choice for those looking for a dependable all-season tire. This tire is sized 205/55R16 and is designed to offer good handling and a comfortable ride on a variety of surfaces. The tread depth on the Goodyear Assurance All-Season Radial Tire is 9/32nds, making it an ideal choice for those who frequently drive in rain or snow.

5) Pirelli PZero All-Season Ultra High-Performance Radial Tire

The Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus is the company’s newest addition to their ultra-high performance all-season tire lineup. It is designed to provide precise handling, shorter stopping distances, and better dry and wet traction. Initially, Pirelli uses a superior all-season tread compound that combines silica and polymers that are specifically designed to provide increased traction both on dry and wet pavement. When driving on wet streets and roads, the tire’s four circumferential grooves and lateral sipes, together with the silica and polymer mix, provide exceptional grip. Its PZero All Season Plus’s asymmetric tread design and variable-sized tread components help to reduce bothersome road noise, while two steel belts and a spiral pattern looped nylon cap ply enhanced comfort for all-season use. The steering responsiveness and road feel are much improved because of the continuous center rib.

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Pros –

  • It performs admirably in the rain.
  • Hydroplaning resistance is an important factor.

Cons –

  • The tread life might be improved.

Pirelli’s PZero All-Season Ultra High-Performance Radial Tire is perfect for drivers who want a versatile, all-weather tire that can handle a variety of conditions. The size 215/55R17 offers excellent performance on wet and dry roads, and the tread depth of 9/32nds provides good traction in most weather conditions. The Load Capacity is 1477 pounds, and the Speed Rating is V.

6) MICHELIN Defender T + H All-Season Radial Tire

Michelin’s Defender T + H tire has an asymmetric tread design and the company’s next-generation Ever tread composition, which contains higher quantities of silica to provide consistent grip and enhanced traction on wet pavement as the tire ages. Defender LTX M/S pickups and SUVs are made of this same substance, which is why they’re so popular with customers. Michelin’s Intellisipe Technology, as well as independent tread blocks that provide interlacing patterned sipes across the tire, help to improve wet grip on wet surfaces. Because of the biting edges and increased sipes, the performance on snow-covered roads is even better, making them an excellent choice for all-season tires. Comfort Control Technology improves the smoothness and quietness of this vehicle’s ride on virtually any road surface. The travel will be quite comfortable due to the lack of background noise.

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Pros –

  • Reliable traction in dry and wet.
  • Ride in peace and comfort.
  • Increased tread life is another benefit.
  • Exceptional value for money.

Cons –

  • You would expect improved performance in heavy snow.

The MICHELIN Defender T + H All-Season Radial Tire is a tire that is made for customers who want to drive safely during all seasons. The tires are designed with the ultimate safety, comfort, and performance. This tire has a tread pattern that helps keep you safe on wet roads as well as dry roads. The tread pattern also gives extra traction when needed.

Best Tires For Nissan Leaf

Final Thought:

If you are looking for the best tires for Nissan Leaf, then you should consider the above-mentioned products. All of these tires offer good grip and handling while also being low rolling resistance. Choose the right type of tire for your Nissan Leaf so that you can get the most out of it. Thanks for reading!

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