Best Tires for the Chevrolet Silverado

Are you looking for the best tires for the Chevrolet Silverado? Do you want to buy a new one and replace your older one?  Or perhaps you’re looking to replace your worn-out tires with something better? Tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle. It’s the piece that connects the car to the road. Tires can make an otherwise good car into a bad or not so great car, and vice versa! As such, it is essential to choose high-quality tires for your Chevy Silverado 1500. Quality doesn’t always mean expensive, though; many affordable tires can be just as effective if they are of high quality. Here we have five top tire brands recommended for Chevrolet Silverado 1500 truck owners.

5 Best Tires for the Chevrolet Silverado

We’ll start with some tires that are a bit more pricey but well worth it. This list won’t include any cheap imitations or imitators of these popular brands; instead, we will present to you the most popular and trustworthy choices among Chevy Silverado owners.


1. Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10

Hankook manufactures these high-quality six-ply tires in Indonesia. They are best for both on and off-road driving and have superior steer stability. For example, the tires have a twist and turn pattern design that offers excellent grip in snow or mud. They are available in different sizes, from 15-22 inches to suit various vehicles.

Furthermore, their load ability is 2601 pounds with a load index rating of 114.0. The tires have deep-seated construction. They have stone ejectors to protect the tires against damage. The inside of the tire is covered with steel to provide it with strength and stability. The tire’s price is $104, and you get a five-year warranty when you purchase it. In addition, you get a 50,000 tire tread mile and a 25% tire replacement in case of wear.

What features make the Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 the best tires for your Chevy Silverado?

  • It has an excellent dry and wet grip. In addition, it gives the tire superior traction when driving through snow or mud.
  • Its dimensions are 31.7*31.7*10.5, and it weighs 37.2 pounds.
  • The tire has a rigid design with a rubber gauge.  It protects the tire against impact and bruises while offroad.
  • It has a load capacity of 2601 pounds with a load index rating of 114.0.
  • The product has a tire aspect ratio of 75.0.
  • The inside of the tire has joint beads wire. It protects the tire from bead separation when driving off-road.
  • It has a secure carcass that enhances its steering ability and hill-climbing.


  • It is durable and sturdy with a long-lasting tread life.
  • The tire is affordable, offering you value for your money.
  • It is excellent for both on and off-road driving.
  • The product is silent when on the highway.
  • It transverses through mud or snow efficiently.
  • The tire has an excellent steering and hill-climbing ability


  • The sidewall of the tire is not stiff enough for some clients.

Bottom Line

The Hankook tires are a superior quality product with excellent traction. In addition, it has an exceptional steering ability suitable for your Chevy Silverado.


2. Cooper Evolution H/T 265/70R17

Cooper is a well-known brand that manufactures superior tires.  They have an excellent footfall positioning that makes them silent on the highway. Furthermore, the tires provide you with a unique navigating experience. It enhances your comfort while driving. They have a high-performance rating and are suitable for your Chevy Silverado vehicle.

In addition, the Cooper Evolution tires have distinctive 3D micro-gauge sipes. The sipes provide it with excellent control and stability during both dry and wet climatic conditions. Also, they have expansive waterways that help them reduce the risk of hydroplaning in rainy climates. Cooper offers a free 45-day test drive on these tires. In addition, you get a 60,000-mile treadwear guarantee.

What Makes the Cooper Evolution an Excellent Tire Choice for Your Vehicle?

  • Its dimensions are 31.38*31.38*10.7 inches, and it weighs 41 pounds.
  • The tire has a load capacity limit of 2679 pounds with a tread depth of 1332.
  • Its aspect ratio is 70.0, with a rim diameter of 17 inches.
  • The product has a load index rating of 115.0 with a T speed rating.
  • The tire stabilizes technology enhances its stability and traction.
  • It has a silica tread that prevents wear and increases its tread life.
  • In addition, it has a unique tire tread positioning that limits noise and enhances comfort.


  • The tire offers comfortable steering and even ride.
  • It provides excellent handling, steadiness, and grip, making it the best choice for your vehicle.
  • The tire offers excellent traction through ice or mud, making it ideal for rainy and dry climatic conditions.
  • It is available in different sizes, from 16-20 inches.
  • You get a 60,000 miles treadwear guarantee. You also get a free 45-day test drive.


Some customers say it magnifies bumps.

Bottom Line

The Cooper Evolution offers an excellent steering performance. In addition, it has an excellent grip making it a perfect choice for your vehicle.


3. Goodyear 265/70R17 Wrangler HP Radial tires

Goodyear offers top-notch tires with an excellent traction and steering experience. They provide a comfortable ride and are suitable for all climatic conditions. The tires have a radical and long-lasting construction enabling you to realize value for your money.

The tires have an uneven design suitable for all-terrain roads. Therefore, they offer an excellent grip when driving through snow or mud. In addition, they have hollows that help it to redirect water and prevent the risk of hydroplaning.

The price of the tire is approximately $132. You get a one-year uniformity and a six-year material and craft warranty when you purchase the tires.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing the Goodyear Tire?

  • Its dimensions are 31.6*31.6*10.5 inches, and it weighs 37.8 pounds.
  • The tire has a load capacity of 2535 pounds with a load index ratio of 113.0
  • Its rim size is 17 inches, and it has a speed rating of S.
  • The product has a tire aspect ratio of 70.0.
  • Its thread depth is 13 millimeters, while the section depth is 265 millimeters.
  • The tire has a wide shoulder and midway blocks that enhance its grip and traction.
  • They have water trenches that channel water to prevent hydroplaning risks.
  • It has steel enforcements with nylon lining. It increases its strength and durability.


  • The tire is durable and sturdy, making it perfect for all-terrain driving.
  • It offers a comfortable ride and a steady steering experience.
  • It is a high-performance and valuable product that offers you value for your money.
  • Furthermore, the tire is available in different sizes to suit other cars.


  • Some customers complain that its treadwear is not satisfactory.

Bottom Line

The Goodyear Wrangler HP offers you excellent traction in all climatic conditions.


4. Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tire

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W is one of the best tires available in the market. It is a high-quality product that lasts for a long time. The tire has an uneven design that offers excellent traction in wet and dry terrains. It provides exceptional performance and stability, giving you a comfortable feel as you drive.

In addition, the tire has a unique silica tread pattern to enhance its handling experience. The design prevents stones and rocks from getting stuck on the channels. It has sturdy shoulder blocks that support its ramp. The blocks also increase the tires’ traction, especially when it is low on pressure.

Why is the Falken Wildpeak AT3W tire one of the best tires?

  • Its dimensions are 33*33*13 inches, and it weighs 57.2 pounds.
  • The tire has a load capacity of 3086 pounds and a load index rating of 108.0
  • Its tread depth is 19.732, with a section width of 12.5 inches.
  • The product has an aspect ratio of 12.5 with an S speed rating.
  • The tire’s diameter is 33inches, while the diameter of its rim is 15 inches.
  • It has a 3D Canyon sipe. The sipe connects the shoulder blocks, preventing wear. In addition, it enhances its stability and appearance.
  • The tire has a heat diffuser technology that protects the internal parts of the tire from damage.


  • It is suitable and offers you an exceptional and comfortable feel when driving.
  • The tire has superior traction in both wet and dry climatic conditions.
  • It is durable and does not wear quickly, making it ideal for rough terrain.
  • The product is available in different sizes, from 15-20 inches.
  • It is a silent tire which an efficient fuel consumption rate.
  • You get a 55,000 miles warranty. In addition, Falken offers you a 5-year material and craft warranty.


  • Some customers complain that it does not have an excellent grip on loose sand.

Bottom Line

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W tire offers the best traction in mud, ice, snow, and rocks.


5. Michelin LTM/S Tire

Michelin LTM/S tire is a product known for its exceptional performance. It has an extended tread life offering you value for your money. The tire has excellent traction that makes it ideal for driving through snow or ice. It has a unique symmetric pattern and construction that enhances its stability.

The product has two steel belts with nylon enhancements. This feature enhances the strength and durability of the tire. It also has a rubber gauge that reduces the risk of an impact when driving in rough terrains. Its grooves channel water away to reduce hydroplaning.

Features that make the Michelin LTM/S a perfect tire for your vehicle.

  • Its dimensions are 32.2*10.83*32.2 inches, and it weighs 39 pounds.
  • The tire has a load capacity of 2535 pounds and a load index rating of 113.0
  • Its rim diameter is 20 inches, and its width 9.5 inches.
  • The product has a tread depth of 12.32 and a section width of 275 millimeters.
  • Its speed rating is T, and it has excellent radial construction.
  • The tire has connecting sipes that enhance its grip and minimizes offroad impact.


  • It has an outstanding cornering and braking ability and performance.
  • The tire has no noise, and this increases your comfort as you drive.
  • It has an exceptionally long tread life, ensuring you get value for your money.
  • The product has excellent traction making it ideal for driving through snow or ice.
  • You get 70,000 miles warranty when you purchase the tire. In addition, you get a 60-day satisfaction and a three-year defect warranty.


  • Some customers complain that it is not affordable.

Bottom Line

Michelin LTX M/S is a top-notch tire that provides excellent traction in all climatic conditions.


What to Look for Buying the Top Tire?

Before buying the best tire, you need to consider some factors. This is because there are so many tires in the market; it will be challenging to choose one for your vehicle.

  • Capacity to Handle – The engines of the Silverado 1500 are very powerful, allowing for great performance. Normal tires will be unable to withstand the pressure and will shred in a short period of time. Therefore, before purchasing a tire, make sure it can handle the power of your Silverado.
  • Highway Tire – Highway tires are the ideal choice if you want the best experience on the highway. They’re tough and comfy, and they’re built to hold up under duress. Tires that are created for off-road conditions would be less advantageous.
  • Weather Resistance – Tires are subjected to high temperatures, especially in summers. Tires that can effectively handle these conditions are the best choices. Tires made for humid environments are more preferred than those made for cold weather.
  • Tread Life – Tires that have shorter tread life don’t offer the best experience for long distances. In addition, they’re more expensive than other tires as you will spend most of your time replacing them. Tires with a short tread life can cause frequent and expensive repairs.
  • Tread Pattern – Tires with a deep tread pattern can travel long distances in any terrain. Tread patterns are essential for driving on mud, snow, and sand. Tires with large surface areas are chosen over those that have small surfaces when traction is the goal. Tires with large surfaces provide more contact areas for better grip.
  • Tire Width – Tires having different widths provide varying performances. Tending to choose one that matches your wheel size is ideal as it provides an appropriate fit. The correct size also ensures perfect speed ratings. Tires less than 1/2-inch wider than your original equipment tires will not effectively improve your vehicle’s handling and stability features.


What Are The Various Truck Tire Types?

There are three main tire types for trucks; they are all-season, summer and winter. Tires for trucks come in different sizes to fit the tires of a specific truck type. They’re manufactured from different materials that provide varying advantages ranging from higher speed ratings to better fuel efficiency.

  • All-Season Tire

Tires created for most weather and road conditions are known as all-season tires. They’re perfect for spring, summer, and autumn seasons. Tires having a T or T/S rating provide the best performance in all sorts of climate conditions.

  • Summer Tires

Summer tires are ideal if you want more traction; therefore, they’re utilized for dry climates. Tires with a T/A rating are the best choices when you need traction on asphalt roads.

Summer tires have lower speed ratings; this is because of their small tread blocks and fewer voids between them. Tires that have T-rated speed ratings allow you to drive at a high-speed level. Tires having T/A-ratings reach a maximum of 100 mph. Tires with a T/A speed rating should drive on slippery roads and drive at high speeds.

Tires created to be used in the summer season have short tread life made from softer rubber compounds.

  • Winter Tires

Tires that are created for winter conditions offer incredible traction. Tires with T- and T/M ratings provide the best handling when roads are slippery. Tires with a T/A speed rating can travel at a maximum of 65 mph on wet asphalt roads.

Winter tires have large tread blocks to increase traction through multiple icy surfaces, like snow, black ice, and wet roads. Tires with a T/A speed rating can only handle summer conditions. Tires with T- or T/M ratings provide better handling on icy surfaces than T/A tires.


When Should Your Tires Be Replaced?

Most tires need to be replaced every six years. Tires that frequently get driven on dirt roads can last for approximately nine years. Tires with T or T/S ratings will work out great in poor road conditions; hence, they can last for up to ten years. Tires should be replaced when worn out as they don’t offer an adequate handling level and may cause accidents.

Check your vehicle’s manual for tire replacement schedules. You can find the manufacturer-recommended replacement time period there as some tires don’t need replacing until after five years of use. Others do so after only three years of use without being damaged or worn out by the end of the third year. Tires created from different materials have varying tread life periods; hence they need replacing when worn out. Tires made with polyester provide a perfectly smooth ride. Tires created from T-rated materials are perfect if you want all-season performance and T/M tires are ideal in winter conditions. Tires are a crucial component of your truck; hence, it’s important to buy quality tires and know when to replace them at the right time.

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How to Read Tire Sizes?

Tread width is commonly used on tire sizes; however, it’s not the only way to describe them. The tire sizes will have a code between DOT and R that is known as size rating. Tires with T ratings can be up to 63 mph and T/A up to 100 mph. An example of tire size is P235/65R18, which translates as 235mm tread width 65 profile 18 wheel diameter.

The first two numbers indicate how wide the tire is when measured in millimeters from sidewall to tread. Tires with T/M ratings have T or T/S sizes, and the T stands for perfectly suitable tires for winter conditions. The M tells you that they’re made to bear more weight than regular T-rated tires; hence, these kinds offer better traction. They’re created from a harder rubber material where grooves were carved deeper into them during the manufacturing process. Tires sized T135/80R18 will get replaced if you see worn routes regularly; if you don’t want your truck getting rolled over by a huge vehicle while driving on the highway, it’s best to change those old tires immediately. Take caution not to forget about checking tire pressure when replacing your T/M tires with T/A or T-rated ones.

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How Do Tires Affect the Performance of Your Truck?

Can you run a vehicle without a tire? No, obviously not, so it’s one of the crucial parts of the vehicle. Having a quality and good tire changes the entire performance of a vehicle significantly. Tires that are not in good condition will significantly affect your truck’s performance because it changes its alignment. Alignment issues due to tire damage have been the leading causes of accidents on highways and roads, too, so change tires immediately once you see them getting worn out or damaged by accident. Tires play a pivotal role in improving handling, steering, and also stopping. Tires could compromise all safety features offered by today’s vehicles, so be careful while choosing one that fits your needs best. Vehicles equipped with T or T/S tires have T-rated tires and T/M, T/A, T/H, C, D, or R, respectively, at the end of their sizes.

As you can see, tires play a main role in your truck’s performance as well as safety. Therefore, it is essential to maintain them properly with periodic inspection and replacement when worn out or damaged. Tires help absorb impacts that could otherwise be transmitted directly to the driver’s body; therefore, it is important to check their tread depth before getting into a serious accident on the road. By doing this regularly, you will avoid unexpected accidents that might cause injuries and death alike.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we tried to answer here –

  • How often should I rotate my Silverado tires? 

Tires should be rotated every five thousand to eight thousand miles. Tires should also be rotated so that tires are properly worn out equally and evenly, extending their lives.

  • What is the best Chevrolet Silverado tire changing kit?

As standard equipment on every Silverado, a tire changing kit is included. You will find all the basic equipment you need, like a lug wrench, screw jack, etc.

  • How much does it cost to install tires?

Tire installation charge varies based on the area, shop, and quality. It can be done within $15-$50.


Final Word

The Chevrolet Silverado has been a trendy choice for pickup trucks, exalted for its incredible capabilities. Find the best tires for your Chevy Silverado. Explore tire recommendations for different trim levels and budgets. Here are the highest quality tires you can get for your Chevy! Also, we provide some buying guides to help you find the suitable one from the market. We also provided some guidelines about when you should replace tires, why not replace them with original equipment tires, how to read tire sizes, and all.

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