Best Tires for Toyota Highlander

What to Look for When shopping for Toyota Highlander tires? First, you need to know what you’re looking for. If you’re like most people, your first inclination is to look for the cheapest tires that will work. This is not always the best idea because usually, these are cheap tires with plastic sidewalls and no unique tread design. They do not perform well in snow, wear out quickly, and can be dangerous.

The best tires for your Toyota Highlander are the ones that provide the most grip possible in all conditions, keep you safe when driving through rain or snow, last a long time, and look good too. The best way to accomplish this is to purchase winter tires or all-season tires. While the former is designed to perform best in winter conditions, they are not suitable for summer, and you will need a second set of tires for those months. All-season tires perform well year-round and only require one set of tires on your vehicle.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks....

The 7 Best Tires for the Toyota Highlander

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Here are the best Toyota Highlander tires to pick from. These are some of the highest-rated tires on the market. The costs are reasonable, and they all have appealing characteristics that make them excellent purchases.

1. MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S All-Season Radial Car Tire

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S all-season radial car tire for light trucks, SUVs, and vans is a reliable choice for drivers who need an affordable, long-lasting tire that can handle various conditions. The Defender LTX M/S is designed for superior traction in wet and icy conditions, as well as lasting wear and tear. The size of this tire is 275/55R20 113T, and it comes with a tread depth of 12 32nds. The load capacity is 2535 pounds, and the speed rating is T.

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Pros –

  • Towing capacity is excellent.
  • Even when loaded, the brakes are strong.
  • Three years of flat tire assistance
  • Effective traction in wet and snow conditions.
  • Quiet and cozy.
  • Mileage of up to 70,000 miles.

Cons –

  • Costly.

Another major aspect of this tire is its very responsive steering and excellent handling, which is essential for those who want to push the limits and drive more aggressively. Control is vital for keeping safe, so having a tire that fits your driving style is the best way to ensure you’re making wise decisions on the road.

2. Yokohama GEOLANDAR H/T G056 All-Season Radial Tire

The Yokohama Geolandar H/T G056 is an all-season tire designed for SUV and light truck use. The tire delivers excellent performance in most weather conditions, including wet, dry, or snowy roads. It has a tread design that offers good traction on the road and helps reduce hydroplaning. The tires also provide a comfortable ride with reduced noise levels. It provides great performance in snowy environments and superior resistance to hydroplaning.

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Pros –

  • Good reactivity.
  • Excellent cornering abilities.
  • Peaceful and comfortable.
  • Wet traction is outstanding.

Cons –

  • There is no treadwear warranty.
  • Light snow traction should be improved.

The characteristics of both on-road and off-road tires have been combined in this tire to provide better on-road performance with a small amount of off-road toughness. They also have a tread life guarantee of 70k miles.

3. Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T All-Terrain Radial Tire

The Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T All-Terrain Radial Tire is a good choice for those who are looking to upgrade their vehicle’s performance on and off the road. The Terra Hunter X/T features a unique tread pattern that offers great traction in mud, snow, and rain while also providing a smooth ride on the highway. The advanced rubber compound ensures maximum durability and wears resistance, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck out in bad weather or rough terrain.

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Pros –

  • Best on-and-off-road grip.
  • Expanded load durability and control.
  • Extended service life.

Cons –

  • On-road driving may be quieter.
  • A manufacturer’s guarantee only covers particular sizes.

The Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T also encourages longer-term usage. The robust compound materials utilized in the production process and the even pressure distribution over the tread area contribute to the increased tire life. The compound parts reduce treadwear while actively avoiding uneven wear patterns.

4. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 Winter/Snow SUV Tire

The Blizzak DM-V2 Winter/Snow SUV Tire 225/65R17 102 S by Bridgestone is a reliable tire for winter conditions. It has a size of 225/65R17, brand of Bridgestone, section width of 225 millimeters, rim width of 6.5 inches, load capacity of 1874 pounds, load index rating of 102.0, and tire aspect ratio of 65.0. It is also rated for speeds up to 112 mph. The Blizzak DM-V2 has a tread depth of 13/32nds, making it a great choice to use during the winter season.

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Pros –

  • capacity to handle heavy snowfall.
  • Superior traction in both wet and dry weather.

Cons –

  • There is no treadwear warranty.

Its remarkable snow grip and stopping power are due to the NanoPro Tech Multicell compound, which has a water-loving hydrophilic covering. Handling in icy situations is likewise excellent. If you’re going to buy a high-end tire like the DM-V2, you should know that it doesn’t come with a warranty for treadwear.

5. Pirelli SCORPION VERDE Season Plus Touring Radial Tire 

The Pirelli SCORPION VERDE Season Plus Touring Radial Tire – 235/60R18 107V is a high-quality, dependable tire that provides superior performance and long-lasting value. The brand Pirelli is known for its quality tires, and this one is no exception. It is a touring radial tire designed for use on passenger cars. The Scorpion Verde is siped for improved traction in wet weather and has a high load index rating for increased carrying capacity. The tire is also speed rated for extended high-speed use.

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Pros –

  • Good reactivity.
  • Impressive traction in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Excellent braking performance.
  • Rolling resistance is low.

Cons –

  • The treadwear guarantee is limited to 65,000 km.

This size 235/60R18 tire is perfect for touring cars and comes with a speed rating of V. The V speed rating is making it safe for highway speeds. The Scorpion Verde offers excellent handling and a quiet ride with a load capacity of 2149 pounds and tread depth is 11/32nds.

6. General Tire Grabber HTS60 All-Season Radial Tire

The General Tire Grabber HTS60 all-season radial tire delivers on performance and comfort. With a size of 245/70R17, this tire is perfect for larger SUVs and trucks. The Grabber HTS60 boasts a tread depth of 12 32nds, providing excellent traction in wet or icy conditions. The load capacity is rated at 2336.9 pounds, making the Grabber HTS60 ideal for heavy loads. The speed rating is T, meaning that this tire can safely travel at speeds up to 118 mph.

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Pros –

  • Heavy-duty models are ideal for towing.
  • Suitable for use on gravel.
  • Peaceful and relaxing.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • In dry situations, it performs admirably.

Cons –

  • Heavy-duty models aren’t very excellent in the rain.
  • The treadwear warranty for LT sizes is just 50,000 km.

General Grabber is a fantastic alternative for individuals who tow with their Highlanders because of its versatility. It provides about the same functionality as the Defender LTX at a lower price. If you don’t care about having the greatest highway tire available, this is the best option right now, according to our research.

6. Yokohama Parada Spec-X 265/35R22 102V

The Yokohama Parada Spec-X is a summer performance tire that offers excellent handling and traction. The Parada Spec-X tire is designed to provide superior wet and dry handling, as well as good tread life. This all-season tire provides the driver with an overall smooth ride. It is made for sports cars, coupes, and sedans. It handles well in most weather conditions, including light snow. The Yokohama Parada Spec-X has a tread life of 40,000 miles. The responsiveness is fantastic, and the traction and grip are among the finest in the category. Braking is also excellent, as expected.

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Pros –

  • Superb cornering abilities.
  • Peaceful and relaxing.
  • Wet traction is excellent.

Cons –

  • There is no treadwear warranty.
  • Light snow traction might be improved.

The Yokohama Parada Spec X might be a good choice for drivers who are willing to accept a shorter tread life in exchange for the best performance. Even when compared to tires like the Michelin Premier LTX, this tire will offer the driver considerably more confidence to press forward.

Best Tires for Toyota Highlander

Buying Guide: How Do I Choose the Best Toyota Highlander Tires?

The first thing you should do when choosing the best tires for your Toyota Highlander is to go to a local tire shop and ask them for their recommendation. Most shops will have access to information such as consumer reviews and manufacturer comparisons, which can make it quite easy for you. If possible, see if they will let you test drive the tires before purchasing them. This way, you will know for sure that they are the right ones for you before you pay for them.

  • Driving Environment:

You need to keep in mind how you use your Highlander, especially the kind of driving conditions you will be encountering. If you live in an area that has snow and ice on the roads for a good part of the year, then buying all-season tires is probably not enough for your Toyota Highlander. Winter tires are designed with winter in mind and have an improved tread design for better grip.

  • Driving Style:

Keep in mind how you drive your Highlander. If you are a spirited driver that likes to hit the curves, then an all-season tire is probably not the best choice. A performance winter tire will be both safer and more enjoyable for this kind of driving style.

  • Weather Conditions:

You need to think about what type of weather you drive in most often. If it’s raining and snowing, then getting all-season tires is the best way to go. They will keep you safe on both dry and wet roads while also providing some grip when driving through snow and ice. If your region only experiences winter weather, you should purchase winter tires.

  • Comfort Level:

If you just want a tire that will get you from point A to point B, then buying the cheapest tire is probably the best idea. However, if you care about ride quality, noise levels, and dry traction as well, then it is worth it to spend a little more for a higher-quality tire.

  • Check Tire Brands:

If you want a tire that performs well in performance areas, such as dry traction and wet grip, then you won’t go wrong by choosing a brand name. They usually make a noticeable improvement over a cheaper tire’s capabilities.

  • Study Tire Reviews:

Checking customer reviews for a specific tire is a good way to tell how it looks from the consumer’s point of view. You will be able to see how much grip they have, how long they last, and any other advantages or disadvantages that customers have found. Always read through at least 20 reviews before making a decision.

  • Price Range:

Finally, you need to consider your budget and the prices of various tires before purchasing them. If you want all-season tires but can only afford a cheap set, keep in mind that these cheap tires may not last very long and may not perform well in bad conditions. If you want performance tires but can only afford an average price, then these tires will be better than cheap ones but not as good quality as more expensive ones.

  • Tire Size:

Make sure that you check your Toyota Highlander’s specifications before buying new tires. Changing the tire size will affect how it drives and performs, so you want to make sure that they are compatible with each other.

  • Keep Tire Tread Life in Mind:

When you need to replace your tires, look for a tire that has a long tread life. This is the number of miles you can expect the tire to last. The longer the tread life, the better value it will be over time.


  • What size tire is appropriate for a Toyota Highlander? 

Toyota Highlander tires are usually in the size of P265/70R17. We recommend purchasing a tire that is at least 2 inches taller than your stock sizes for better appearance and ground clearance.

  • Can I buy off-road tires for my Toyota Highlander? 

Because the Toyota Highlander has 4WD, you might want to purchase off-road tires for this vehicle. We recommend that you get rid of them and look for a reputable brand before hitting bumps and potholes in your area.

  • How much does a Toyota Highlander tire cost?

A typical Toyota Highlander tire costs anywhere from $70 to $200. If you are looking at performance tires or all-terrain tires, then expect them to be more expensive because these types of tires have a higher price range.

  •  What is the recommended tire pressure for a Toyota Highlander?

The recommended tire pressure for a Toyota Highlander is between 30 psi and 35 psi. It is extremely important not to forget this step because it can damage your tires if you don’t put enough air inside.

  • How can you extend the life of your Toyota Highlander tires?

Extending the life of your Toyota Highlander tires is made easy with simple steps such as driving slower and avoiding potholes, curbs, and bumps. Also, turn off your AC when driving to make the inside of the tires heat up faster and more efficiently.

  • What are the numbers on the side of my Toyota Highlander tires?

The numbers on the side of your Toyota Highlander tires represent the tire’s width, sidewall height, rim size, and construction type.

  • Can I drive my Toyota Highlander with run-flat tires?

Run-flat tires are not allowed to be driven on with your Toyota Highlander because they cannot be monitored or repaired in case of a puncture.

  • What are the tire speed ratings for the Toyota Highlander?

A Toyota Highlander has a speed rating of T. This means that you can drive up to 112 mph with this vehicle.

  • What are the tires on a 2017 Toyota Highlander?

Toyota Highlander tires from 2017 include Toyo A23, Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422, and Michelin Primacy MXV4.

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