Toyo Open Country AT3 VS BFG KO2: Which Should You Buy in 2021?

Talk about all-terrain tires in 2021 and two names pop up: Toyo Open Country AT3 VS. BFG KO2. Both of which are upgrades of their predecessors, Toyo AT2 and BFG KO1. But which one is superior?

Unarguably, both of these tires come with excellent features, long-lasting durability, and top-notch quality. With this, choosing the best becomes quite a tricky task. Since we own the two and have been using them for quite a while, it becomes easier to compare them.

We outline all their features, pros, and cons to help you make a more informed choice. As always, we’ve got your back.

What are All-terrain Tires?

All-terrain tires, as the name suggests, are tires designed to perform both on and off-road. They’re also suited for harsh conditions like extreme heat, wet and snow.

These tires have incredible high traction for excellent performance off-road. At the same time, they can perform very well on highways, providing their users with smooth rides. This combination of features makes all-terrain tires very popular with outdoor enthusiasts and overlanders.

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Passenger vehicle and Crossovers

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Toyo Open Country AT3 Review

Toyo AT3 doesn’t need any introduction. This tire is famous for its quality construction and reliable performance both on and off-road. The tire comes with a series of unique features that qualify it as one of the best in the business.

For starters, this tire has a unique tread pattern and aggressive sidewalls to help with its durability. It also features deep and open tread blocks that help to track higher on unfavorable surfaces. This assists in avoiding hydroplaning.

The tire comes with stone ejecting blocks that remove debris and stoners from it automatically. Finally, the tire has water-resistant treads that give it a 40% higher tread life than its competitors.

Toyo Open Country AT3 is available in different sizes. It is silent on the road and smoothes on rough surfaces.


BFG KO2 Review

True automotive enthusiasts have come across the BFG KO2 one way or another. We’ve used his tire to travel thousands of miles without incurring any issue. When we talk about an exemplary tire with high-end features, the BFG KO2 is one such example.

This tire comes in a unique footprint design that distributes the overall weight of the vehicle evenly. It features an additional interlocking tread design to protect the tire from unexpected tread wear.

The design helps the tire to grip rocky, muddy and snowy surfaces. The tire is 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rated, meaning that it is suited for the harshest of weather conditions.

The manufacturers incorporated the CoreGard technology on the sidewalls of the tires to extend the shoulder shield and protect the sidewall from extreme pressure. Nothing can stand in its way.


Toyo Open Country AT3 VS. BFG KO2 Comparison

Both tires have exemplary features. But which one is superior to the other? We compare their features and specs.

  • Tread Patterns

The tread patterns of these two tires differ a lot. BFG KO2 features the interlocking tread block design.  Each tread block also comes with several 3D sipes. This type of tread pattern has very powerful traction both on and off-road. It also prevents overheating of the tires.

Toyo AT3 has narrow spaces in between its tread blocks. Looking closely at it, the treads form a Z-like pattern. Similar to BFG KO2, this one also has sipes all over its block, meaning that it performs excellently both on and off-road.

  • Design

While the design shouldn’t be a primary concern when choosing an all-terrain tire, it still counts. Both tires have eye-catching designs, and the manufacturers deserve the accolade when it comes to this.

The BFG KO2 picks the day here as it has a more aggressive design than the AT3. Both tires have their sidewall heavily reinforced, giving the wheels a nice final look.

  • On-Road Performance

We loved the on-road performance of Toyo AT3, although BFG KO2 was still quite impressive. What’s the difference between the two?

Toyo AT3 has better handling on-road, while BFG KO2 has better traction. So your choice pretty much depends on what you’re looking for. Both of the tires have a low rolling resistance which means you will be saving on a lot of fuel. 

  • Off-Road Performance

These tires are 3-peak mountain snowflake rated, meaning that no harsh condition stands in their way. They are quite similar in their size range, tread, and durability.

But gauging from the performance of the two, BFG KO2 performs better off-road. It has unique and useful features that make it good for off-road, whether sandy, muddy, wet, or snowy.

Not taking anything away from Toyo AT3, but it doesn’t fare very well in snow or deep mud. It will, however, get you through most rough situations. Finding an alternative for the off-road performance of BFG KO2 is relatively difficult.

  • Traction and Handling

Toyo AT3 has better handling than BFG KO2. But again, both tires are magnificent with their handling. On paved roads, there is not much difference in handling between the two.

Toyo AT2 fell back immensely in handling, and the company decided to upgrade with the AT3. This one is stiffer and easier to maneuver while cornering at high speeds. This isn’t to conclude that BFG is bad at handling. We rather liked AT3 more for its superior grip and handling.

BFG KO2 has better traction. Some experiments show that it is 19% better than other tires in snow conditions and 10% better in wet surfaces.

  • Sound and Vibration

You not only want a smooth ride with your tire but a silent one also. The noise level of your tire thus becomes a huge consideration when making your purchase. Luckily, both of these tires are very silent. There’s a slight noise between them, but this is unnoticeable unless you’re driving around a paved road or a tranquil environment.

There’s a slight vibration with the tires, as expected with all-terrain tires. But their experience is a decent one.

  • Durability

Durability was a core consideration when designing both of these tires. They’re designed with high-grade materials to last very long. The manufacturers adopted the latest technology to perfect the overall construction and design of the tires.

A good tire will last you 6 years minimum. This is the case with both these tires. They both have six years limited warranty. The difference lies in their mileage.

BFG KO2 has a rubber formulation on the treads to ensure superior durability and traction. The company offers 50,000 miles warranty. Toyo AT3 has 65,000 miles warranty. It will, thus, be true to say that Toyo AT3 is slightly more durable than BFG KO2. It wins the day in this category.


Unarguably, these tires are from top name brands, of the highest possible quality, and extremely durable. They are packed with many useful and unique features that make them suitable for both on and off-road. They both live up to our expectations.

Which of the two tires are you purchasing?

Consider purchasing the Toyo Open Country AT3 if you:

  • Drive Trucks, SUVs, and Crossover vehicles
  • Have heavy load to carry (3750 pounds)
  • Want a better mileage warranty (65,000)
  • Want a silent drive
  • Are you looking for better handling

The BFG KO2 is more suited if you:

  • Drive CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks
  • Are looking to drive off-road more than on-road
  • Want a silent drive
  • Are looking for better traction
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