Best Tires for Nissan Xterra

If you are in the market for a new set of tires for your Nissan Xterra, consider many things. When purchasing new tires for your Nissan Xterra, the first thing you need to consider is size. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should list the recommended tire size for your specific model. When selecting tires for your Nissan Xterra, it is important to consider the type of terrain that you will be driving on most often. You also need to decide on the type of tire that best suits your driving needs and habits. In this article, we will look at some of the best tires for Nissan Xterras based on customer reviews and ratings.

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Reviews and Guidelines for the 7 Best Tires for Toyota Xterra

We have listed the six best tires for Nissan Xterra according to their ratings.

1)Hankook Kinergy ST H735 all_ Season Radial Tire

An all-season tire for standard touring, the Hankook Kinergy ST H735 is offered by Hankook. It has been built and manufactured to provide excellent year-round traction in a variety of weather situations, regardless of the season or weather. Comfort, extended tread life, and improved fuel efficiency are some of the key characteristics of this tire. Improved grip and handling, decreased road-noise, and more powerful brakes are some of the secondary characteristics to consider. It is intended for this particular model to provide long-term performance and reliability. In order to increase the tire’s rubber grip, the producer employed silica-based compounds and other contemporary building elements. The ST H735 is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, wet or dry. Performance in terms of steering and braking is also noteworthy. The tread design, in addition, serves to avoid inconsistent tread wear and to reduce noise levels within the vehicle.

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Pros –

  • In both wet and dry conditions, its traction is exceptional.
  • Tires with long service life.
  • Low rolling resistance results in improved fuel economy.
  • A smooth and comfortable ride
  • A tread warranty of 70,000 miles is included.

Cons –

  • Driving in the winter is not the most pleasant experience.

The Hankook Kinergy ST H735 all_ Season tires are designed for a quiet, comfortable ride and a smooth, stable handling experience. The tire is equipped with an asymmetric tread design to help provide excellent wet traction and handling. The tire also features a wide footprint that helps improve stability and steering response on dry roads.

2) Nexen ROADIAN HP All-Season Radial Tire

The increased dry and wet grip on all sorts of road conditions is provided by a high-performance silica-based tire compound that is combined with an aggressive V-shaped directional tread pattern. This model has a good feature in that it has larger shoulder blocks surrounding the tread that gives a better cornering grip. The arrow-type center rib provides stability and enhances steering responsiveness, which is a strong point that has been cited repeatedly in other users’ minds, rankings, and opinions. On wet pavement, the Roadian HP demonstrates its superior strength. The larger tread grooves and distinctive V-shaped design, and circumferential grooves help to drain away water and lessen the danger of hydroplaning on wet roads and trails. This compound also helps to improve traction while also improving braking performance. When driving in rainy conditions, this tire gives a sense of security. There are two metal belts with nylon reinforcement and Nexen’s improved belt contour system within the tire, which provides increased strength as well as stability and longevity at higher speeds.

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Pros –

  • Exceptional traction in both dry and wet conditions.
  • On dry or wet pavement, braking performance is excellent.
  • The ride is enjoyable.

Cons –

  • Need better traction in thicker snow and ice throughout the winter.

The Nexen ROADIAN HP All-Season Radial Tire is a reliable choice for drivers who need an all-season tire that can handle a variety of conditions. The size of this tire is 255/50R20, and it has a section width of 255 millimeters. The load capacity of this tire is 2271 pounds, and it has a tread depth of 11 32nds. The load index rating of this tire is 109.0, and it has a tire aspect ratio of 50.0

3) Vercelli Strada 2 All-Season Tire

Designed for passenger cars, the Vercelli Strada II is a high-performance, all-season tire with excellent wet and dry traction. The tire provides outstanding traction in all weather conditions. In addition, the distinctive directional tread design ensures highway contact at all times, which improves road holding capabilities in all weather conditions, including dry, rainy, and snowy conditions. The large circumferential grooves are effective in preventing hydroplaning from occurring. They actively prevent hydroplaning by spreading water and mud from beneath the tire’s footprint. Improved all-weather traction and outstanding hydroplaning avoidance work together to provide a more secure driving experience all year long for the driver. In addition, the model’s directional tread design improves its high-speed capability. The tread ensures that the tire maintains continual road contact and that it performs to its maximum potential. The robust center rib also has the additional benefit of improving the tire’s controllability. It improves the quickness of the steering as well as the driving stability. This protects the tire from the driving pressure that might impact it in every weather condition while also boosting the steering response time and precision in responding to the driver’s orders.

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Pros –

  • The design of the sidewalls is excellent.
  • Performance, grip, noise, and wet-weather handling all outperform the competition.

Cons –

  • They do not last as long as they used to.
  • Noisy.

The Vercelli Strada 2 All-Season Tire is a high-performance tire with a silica compound that provides superior wet and dry performance. The tread pattern features grooves that support the load capacity of 1477 pounds and provide extraordinary traction, handling, and grip on all surfaces. They come in sizes ranging from 255/35R18 to 285/30R20 (18×8 to 20×10).

4) Cooper Cobra Radial G/T All-Season Tire

The Cooper Cobra Radial has been extensively redesigned for improved handling, braking, and turning performance in all weather situations, including rain. Tread compound and void ratios have been precisely determined for optimal performance in every weather climate. nOne of the most distinctive features of the Cooper Cobra Radial G/T is the unique lettering, which is combined with a solid center rib and tread design. While doing so, this function provides long-lasting beautiful aesthetics and a sense of security in traction. Cooper’s all-season performance tire is what you’re looking at here. Consequently, the large circumferential groove and shoulder slits on Cooper Cobra Radial are effective in removing water and slush from the road when there is a lot of water on the road. Another positive aspect of the tire, which has been emphasized in every assessment of it, is a large number of separate tread blocks and biting edges. The grip of the product is substantially improved by using such a concentrated amount throughout the year. Cooper Cobra Radial is also well regarded for its smooth and comfortable ride, which makes every travel a pleasurable experience.

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Pros –

  • The look and feel of classic muscle.
  • Excellent dry-surface traction and handling characteristics.
  • The tires provide a smooth ride.
  • Tread guarantee of 50,000 miles.

Cons –

  • Not good handling in the winter.

Cooper Tire’s Cobra Radial G/T All-Season tire is a classic muscle car look with an even-wearing design. The raised white lettering style provides the perfect touch for your classic ride. This all-season performance tire retains the characteristic look of a classic muscle car and offers excellent traction in wet or dry conditions, as well as enhanced handling and stability.

5) General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire

Dual cushion silica tire composition and anti-slip sipe technology work together to provide improved dry and wet road grip as well as improved riding comfort. To go along with the four circumferential grooves on the tread, General has added new technology in the form of sipes around the perimeter of the tread to provide good traction on lightly snow-covered road conditions. With acoustic modulation sound technology, which reduces road noise and improves ride quality, the continuous center rib helps to improve overall stability and steering responsiveness in all situations. Two steel belts with polyester cord body covering are embedded into the tread of the tires, providing additional strength and long-term endurance. Moreover, the tire’s tread life is one of the longest of any in its class, a testament to its sturdiness.

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Pros –

  • It can be used even in light snow.
  • The ride is pleasant and calm.
  • For all classes, tread life is remarkable.
  • Improved stability and responsiveness.
  • Traction in both dry and rainy weather is excellent.

Cons –

  • The tread warranty falls short of industry standards.

General Tire’s AltiMAX RT43 tire is an all-season touring radial for drivers who demand comfort, durability, and performance on wet or dry roads. The tread compound delivers reduced road noise, longer wear life, and improved traction on wet surfaces for confident driving at any speed.

6) Ironman RB-SUV All-Season Radial Tire

The RB is built to last, a superb alternative for drivers or bigger SUVs that frequently travel on hardpacked terrain thanks to its strong and resilient design. An asymmetrical tread pattern provides a beautiful appearance while providing outstanding performance in wet conditions. Additionally, this tire is available in big diameter, and lower profile sizes can serve the needs of SUV users who like to over-size the tires on their vehicles. When driving on dry roads, the tire delivers excellent performance while simultaneously providing excellent comfort. The premium competition provides a far superior grip on wet roads, a longer tread life, and extremely lengthy treadwear guarantees than the budget competition.

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Pros –

  • It is constructed with durability in mind.
  • On the highway, there is excellent stability.
  • Relaxed and friendly environment.
  • Excellent for use on hardpacked terrain.
  • Extremely low-cost.

Cons –

  • There is no guarantee on treadwear.

Ironman RB-SUV tires are designed for SUVs and light trucks. They provide a quiet, comfortable ride in all weather conditions. The Ironman RB-SUV tire features 12 32nds of tread depth and an aspect ratio of 65%. It has a load index rating of 106.0 and a speed rating of H (130 mph). This tire is 30.03 inches in diameter and 235/65R18 in size.

Best Tires for Nissan Xterra


After reading this article, you should now have a better understanding of what to look for when shopping for new tires for your Nissan Xterra. When it comes to choosing the best tires for your Nissan Xterra, there are many things to consider. Size, terrain type, and driving habits are all important factors to keep in mind when making your decision. In this article, we have looked at some of the best tires for Nissan Xterras based on customer reviews and ratings. If you are in the market for a new set of tires for your Nissan Xterra, be sure to keep these factors in mind when making your purchase.

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