Best Tires for Toyota Camry

Are you thinking about swapping out your tires? After all, it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to enhance the look and feel of your vehicle. But which Toyota Camry tire is best for you? This guide will tell you everything you need to know. First things first, if you don’t know the correct size of your car’s wheels, you need to check your owner’s manual. The wrong tire can make it unsafe to drive and damage both your tires and wheels.

Also, you need to know your car’s drive type. If it is a front-wheel drive, the best tires for Toyota Camry will be specifically designed for FWD cars. The same goes for rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

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The 7 Best tires for Toyota Camry You Can Choose

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We developed a list of tires that perform admirably under various driving circumstances. To provide the best choices, we took into account the warranty, budget, accessibility, and even the entire worth of each Tire.

1. Kumho Solus TA31 All-Season Tire

The Kumho Solus TA31 all-season tire is a great choice for drivers who need a dependable tire that can handle various circumstances. This Tire is designed for use in wet and icy conditions, and it also provides good performance on dry roads. The Kumho Solus TA31 has a load index rating of 94, which means it can handle up to 1477 pounds per Tire. It also has a tread depth of 10/32 inches, so you can rely on it to provide good traction in a variety of conditions.

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Pros –

  1. Dual compounds reduce consumption.
  2. An impressive performance.
  3. It improved traction and driving control.

Cons –

  1. In cold temperatures, traction is reduced.
  2. The tread wears down quickly.

The Kumho Solus TA31 All-Season Tire is designed to give both drivers and passengers a comfortable but also high-performance ride. This makes it a good choice for both luxury and mid-size sedans like the Toyota Camry and the Honda Honda Accord.

2. Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial Tire

The Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter is a high-performance tire made specifically for drivers who live in areas with snowy, icy roads. It features an all-season tread pattern that provides excellent traction in all types of weather conditions, including snow and ice. It has a low rolling resistance which means you’ll save gas money at the pump while still getting great performance. The Tire’s tread compound is made from silica to ensure maximum grip when you’re driving on slippery surfaces. The Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter is an all-season tire that combines innovative technology with premium performance. It provides excellent handling and braking on wet and dry roads, as well as in light snow conditions.

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Pros –

  1. Superior traction in winter driving conditions.
  2. Hydroplaning resistance.
  3. Reduced braking distance.
  4. It improved cornering ability.
  5. Capability for high speed.

Cons –

  1. Cornering grip in dry conditions.
  2. Traction is poor on thin ice.

These Goodyear tires have received excellent customer feedback, in addition to receiving good ratings from Consumer Reports. Customers are amazed by how quiet these tires are when they are driving, as well as by their ability to perform and their extended wear life.

3. Ohtsu FP7000 all- Season Radial Tire

The OHTSU FP7000 all-season radial tire is a great choice for your Toyota Camry. Its size, 215/55R17, will provide a smooth, comfortable ride, and the 94V speed rating means you can drive safely on the highway. The 10/32nds tread depth ensures good traction in most weather conditions, and the radial construction provides a stable feel while driving.

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Pros –

  1. Quiet and comfortable feeling.
  2. Excellent in rainy situations.
  3. Good price.

Cons –

  1. Noisy.
  2. The tread degrades fast.

The Ohtsu FP7000 all-season tires are the most popular of all the brands that I’ve seen. The Tire has a great price and is one of the best in terms of quality, performance, and durability. It performs well in both wet and dry conditions. It is also very comfortable, which makes it a good choice for those looking to buy an affordable set of tires with little noise.

4. General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire

The General AltiMAX RT43 is a reliable radial tire that is perfect for your light truck or SUV. It has a size of 225/65R17, making it a great choice for those who need a durable and long-lasting tire. The AltiMAX RT43 also comes with a load capacity of 1874 pounds, making it perfect for hauling cargo. Additionally, it has a tread depth of 11 inches and a load index rating of 102.0, so you can be sure that this Tire will perform well in any situation.

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Pros –

  1. Excellent dry-weather ability to respond.
  2. Good traction in damp weather.
  3. Peaceful and relaxing.
  4. Treadlife is extended.

Cons –

  1. Overall performance slightly below premium competitors.

On dry surfaces, the General has excellent traction and grip. It’s also highly responsive and could make an excellent companion for the Camry V6. Because of the Anti-Slip Sipe Design Technology, which boosts grip on slippery terrain, this Tire may even be used in light snow. Overall, the General AltiMAX RT43 does not outperform its premium competitors in any category, but it provides the best value for money.

5. Milestar MS932 Sport All-Season Radial Tire

The Milestar MS932 Sport all-season radial tire is perfect for drivers who need a durable and reliable tire that can handle a variety of conditions. The MS932 Sport is designed for performance and safety, with a size of 215/55R17, a tread depth of 10/32nds, and a load capacity of 1653 pounds. The MS932 Sport also has a speed rating of V, making it the perfect choice for drivers who need a tire that can keep up with their active lifestyle. The tire aspect ratio is 55.0, the rim size is 17 inches, and the tire diameter is 25 inches.

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Pros –

  1. Good traction and handling in both dry and wet conditions.
  2. Strong cornering stability and quick steering response.
  3. A relaxing ride.

Cons –

  1. Some drivers have complained about the noise.

This Tire is a low-cost, high-quality solution for drivers looking for a high-performance ride with control on all sorts of pavements, rain or shine. Braking, mileage, and general performance have all improved for drivers. The majority of drivers have discovered that this Tire exceeds their expectations. Some disadvantages may include increased noise and, like many all-season tires, poorer performance in thick snow or on slippery roads.

6. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season Tire

The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season Tire provides a quiet, comfortable ride for luxury SUVs and crossover vehicles. The tread compound is designed to last longer than other tires of the same type and size. This Tire also offers excellent traction in all conditions, including wet and dry roads. Designed with an all-season tread pattern, the CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season Tire performs well in both light snow and rain conditions without compromising on performance or fuel efficiency. With a 60% extended tread life guarantee, this Tire will provide you with many miles of reliable driving time. Drivers will appreciate the quiet ride that the CS5 offers, as well as its low rolling resistance to save fuel when driving.

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Pros –

  1. Excellent dry-road response and grip.
  2. Good braking performance.
  3. Low cost.

Cons –

  1. Treadlife isn’t as excellent as its more expensive counterparts.

The Cooper has a treadwear guarantee of 50,000 miles for W-rated models (168 mph) and 70,000 miles for V-rated (149 mph) and H-rated (130 mph) models, which is less than the best in the category. However, at a price, potential customers may ignore the slightly lower tread life, especially given the Tire’s incredibly low price.

7. Starfire Solarus AS All-Season Tire

The Starfire Solarus AS All-Season 215/55R17 94V Tire is a reliable and affordable option for drivers who need an all-season tire that can handle a variety of conditions. The size of this Tire is 215/55R17 94V, and it comes from the brand Cooper. It has a section width of 215 millimeters, a tread depth of 9/32 inches, and a load capacity of 1477 pounds. The load index rating is 94.0, the tire aspect ratio is 55.0, and the rim size is 17 inches. This Tire is designed for superior performance in wet and icy conditions, and it also provides a comfortable ride on long trips.

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Pros –

  1. Smooth and quiet driving is provided.
  2. Good price-to-quality ratio.
  3. Flexible and adaptable to road conditions.
  4. Tread with variable pitch.

Cons –

  1. The noisiest tire model.

The majority of drivers considered this Tire to be responsive and meet their overall demands. The Tire comes with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty from Starfire, which is a big plus. Even though it is advertised as an all-season tire, we do not recommend purchasing this Tire if you reside in a climate that gets severe winter weather.

best tires for toyota camry

What to Look for When Buying New Toyota Camry Tires: Buying Guide

You may be considering which Tire to purchase for your vehicle. The following buying guide will tell you what to look for when purchasing your new Toyota Camry tire.

  • Wheel Size and Vehicle Type:

This is an important question because different tires have different designs. You need to know which of these designs will work best for your vehicle before you make the purchase. Also, this information should be clearly stated in the user manual that came with your car.

  • Weather:

This is important for anyone who lives in an area with harsh weather. If you get a lot of snow, ice, or even rain in your area, then it may be necessary to look into winter tires for the Toyota Camry. Maintaining traction on slippery roads can mean the difference between arriving safely and being involved in a serious accident.

  • Size:

This is simple. You need to know your tire size before you go shopping so that you don’t waste time or money on the wrong type of Toyota Camry tires. Most dealerships have a tire search tool that can help you find what you’re looking for with ease.

  • Construction of sidewalls:

This is a big one. In the past, tires were made with rubber as the primary construction material. Today, there are different types available, including those that have been infused with Kevlar or other durable materials for better wear resistance and durability.

  • Improved Handling:

Most people don’t realize that their old tires are the reason why the ride is so rough. Old tires have a lot of giving in them, especially in wet conditions when they’re worn down to dangerous levels. Also, by installing better quality Toyota Camry tires with stiffer sidewalls, you can improve the handling and cornering capabilities of your vehicle.

  • Tread design:

The tread design of your tires is important because it can affect traction and braking capabilities. Some tires have a straight-lined pattern all the way across, which provides improved water expulsion and improved contact with wet roads. Others have staggered lines, which improve acceleration and provide extra biting edges for improved grip in turns.

  • Reviews:

You can find the best tires for your Toyota Camry by reading tire reviews written by others. You may even be able to find videos online that show the performance of each tire type during stop-and-go driving, cornering, wet gripping, etc.

  • Sipes:

Some tires have tiny little slits that run along the sides. These are called sipes, and they help the tire grip wet roads by not allowing as much water to pass through on contact. When there is more friction between the Tire and the road, you will experience better-stopping capabilities when conditions get tough.

  • Warranty on treadwear:

This is an important feature because it’s the only way to tell how well the tires are made. If they have an 80,000-mile warranty on treadwear, then you know that they will be long-lasting and durable. It’s not always about which Toyota Camry tire has the best traction or handling capabilities; it also takes into account cost and other factors that may be more important to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toyota Camry Tires: 

People often have some questions about tires before purchasing them. Some of these include:

  • What is the best Tire for the Toyota Camry?

There isn’t a universal answer to this question. However, some good choices are Continental tires, Yokohama tires, and Nexen tires. These companies have been around for years and know how to make quality products.

  • What is the ideal tire pressure for a Toyota Camry?

It’s important to know the proper tire pressure for your Toyota Camry, especially if you want the best gas mileage. A car that has too much air in its tires can burn extra fuel when driving at high speeds. So, the recommended tire pressure is 32 psi.

  • How often should I rotate the tires on my Camry?

Every 6,000 miles is a good rule of thumb for rotating the tires on your Toyota Camry. This will ensure that they wear down evenly and last you longer than if you did not rotate them at all.

  • What is the finest tire changing kit for a Toyota Camry?

The finest tire changing kit for a Toyota Camry is from Rhino USA. It comes with professional-grade tools that allow you to change the tires without damaging the rims, and it also has rubber cement so that your old tires won’t slip when you’re removing them.

  • How much does it cost to replace a flat tire on a Toyota Camry?

A typical tire replacement cost on a Toyota Camry is around $75. However, prices can fluctuate depending on whether you need to do any repairs as well. The average price of a tire repair for a Toyota Camry is between $25 and $45.

  • What tire pressure should a 2020 Toyota Camry have?

The recommended tire pressure for a 2020 Toyota Camry is 32 psi.

  • Where can I get the best deal on tires for a Camry?

You can get the best value and service when you buy your tires from Amazon, Tirerack, Discount Tire, etc. It’s one of the largest tire sellers in America, and you’ll always find what you’re looking for at their stores or website.

  • Why is my Toyota Camry shaking at high speeds when I’m driving on the freeway?

You can have your tires balanced in order to address this issue. Having unbalanced tires puts extra stress on the suspension, which causes it to shake at high speeds when you drive on uneven roads or come off of ramps.

  • On a 2020 Toyota Camry, how do you reset the tire pressure indicator?

To reset the tire pressure indicator on a 2020 Toyota Camry, you should inflate or deflate your tires so that they match the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. Then, turn the ignition key in order to put your car in “on” mode without starting it up. After this, take your foot off of the brake and press down several times on the accelerator. You should hear a beep, and this will reset your tire pressure indicator so that it reflects the actual amount of PSI in each Tire.

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